The 2010 Indiana Challenge Cup is a state wide club tournament, and the preliminary rounds are May 21-23.  Preliminary rounds are played at 4 sites, with the winner of each preliminary meeting in the Tournament Finals June 11-13 in Indianapolis.

Cup Website:   http://www.indianayouthsoccer.org/events/challengecup.aspx
Tigers Soccer Club Teams Participating

Team Site

Tigers 98G (u12)Ft WayneBracketScheduleHotel
Tigers 96G (u14)ColumbusBracketScheduleHotel
Tigers 95G (u15)Ft WayneBracketScheduleHotel
Tigers 94G (u16)Home/Ft WayneBracketSchedule* No Hotel *
* U16s Play at home FRIDAY, then at 1pm CT in Ft Wayne on Sunday